If you’re a fan of having fun in your outdoor living space, there’s no better way to ensure maximum sun protection than by installing a retractable awning.

Retractable awnings have gained massive popularity in the US. From home to offices, cafes, and restaurants, every property can benefit from an awning versatility and effectiveness. Enjoying outdoor meals, tea, or just hanging out with friends is a great idea until you start feeling the scorching sunrays. Florida is a warm climate region, and property owners may consider installing retractable awnings for energy savings and better health.

In this article, we’ve discussed several benefits of retractable awnings in detail.

1.    Energy Efficiency

What’s better than installing an energy efficient feature that can significantly reduce your property’s cooling and heating costs? A retractable awning is reduce your utility bill amounts by as much as 50%. Moreover, they’re incredible awesome at protecting your outdoor furniture and décor.

A recent study conducted by the American Society of Heating and Air Conditioning Engineers revealed that solar radiation can increase air conditioning requirements by 20%. This automatically leads to higher energy bills and appliance maintenance costs.

Especially in a region such as Florida, home and commercial unit owners can cut improve energy savings 55–65%. Dialing down the cooling required can also curb your carbon footprint and encourage environment consciousness.

A customized umbrella shaped retractable awning

Creates a Beautiful Vibe

Next up, retractable awnings are energy efficient and extremely beautiful. For example, at Sunray Awnings, customers can choose from several design, color, and pattern options that can revamp their patios, decks, café outdoor dine area, and their property’s overall curb appeal.

With a retractable awning, homeowners can create a fun and entertaining outdoor areas, perfect for hosting parties or enjoying tea in solitude. What’s more, a high-quality retractable awning can help you extend your interior to the exterior.

Boosts Property Value

Last but not the least, a retractable awning plays a significant role in enhancing your property’s resale value. Installing a retractable awning, pergola, or umbrella-shaped awning attracts homebuyers.

This comparatively inexpensive home addition can help you showing homebuyers the real potential of your home’s exterior.

Want to revamp your outdoor space’s look? Consider adding a residential retractable patio awning. Sunray Awnings offers high-quality carport awnings, custom fabric awnings, and retractable awnings at affordable prices. Call them at +1754-224-8622 for more details.