Are you looking for affordable yet effective ideas to upgrade your home in Miami? Consider opting for a new awning for your patio.

Patio, balcony, deck, whatever you may call your outdoor space, don’t forget the importance of ensuring adequate sunshade to protect its flooring, furniture, and aesthetic. Sunrays and weather impact can damage furniture and also cause skin irritation issues.

It is, however, extremely important to be mindful of some specific factors when buying a patio awning in Florida. In this article, we’ve explained all the questions first time awning buyers must ask their potential manufacturer.

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Q1. Is a Retractable Awning Better or a Stationary Awning?

The first question you must ask your potential awning manufacturer is about the type of awning that will best suit your patio. At Sunray Awnings, a team of experts is available to help buyers understand the two main types of awnings: stationary and retractable units.

The first one features an immovable design that permanently fixes above a portion, whereas the latter comes with a mechanical motor that allows you to retract the awning canvas.

While both types are suitable for patios, your manufacturer may help you get a better idea of the affordability, canvas options, and motor requirements. Stationary awnings are lightweight, whereas retractable ones are more versatile and functional.

Q2. Inquire About the Product Quality

Another significant inquiry many first time buyers often forget to make to their awning manufacturer is about the quality.

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Due to hundreds of awning manufacturers currently playing in the market, buyers must conduct brief research of the local businesses. Research indicates that awnings manufactured locally in the US, on average, possess higher quality than the imported ones.

This is where you may find the codes and regulations that are applied when using certain materials and chemicals in an awning production process. At Sunray Awnings, you can buy the best residential awnings at affordable prices across Florida.

Q3. What Fabrics Do They Offer?

An awning’s fabric plays a pivotal role in determining its durability, functionality, and efficiency. While a patio awning can be made with many types of fabrics, the awning experts at Sunray Awnings recommend buyers choose high-quality acrylics and yarn-like fibers.

The company uses a tensile and premium quality 18 oz. vinyl with a scrim of polyester. This fabric lasts for several years and offers superior resistance against UV rays, unforgiving weather, and other external factors.

Moreover, buyers can choose from a wide range of awning fabric designs, patterns, and colors to match the vibe of their property. What’s more, awning covers come in a wide array of colors and patterns. Choosing a manufacturer that doesn’t compromise on awning fabric quality can help you prevent moisture, wind, and snow-related awning damage.

Sunray Awnings offers sturdy and reliable awnings at affordable prices across Florida. Their main service locations include Davie, Pembroke Pines, Weston, Silver Lake, and Miami.

The company also offers a 10% discount on patio, carport, and other types of residential and commercial retractable awnings for senior citizens. They’re trusted and loved by several customers for seamless canvas awning replacement and renewal services in the region.

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