Flat roof installation is becoming popular in areas with harsh climates. This type of roofing offers protection against heavy rain and strong winds. It also enhances the look of a house or other building with its sleek, low-profile look


Here are some flat roof maintenance tips you can try before you go to roof maintenance service.


  • Make sure your sealant is still in good shape—regular maintenance should include inspecting the sealant and repairing any cracks or missing pieces of it that may have occurred over time. Inspect the sealant at regular intervals during the year for any sign of peeling, chipping, or other damage. Replace sections of the sealant as necessary.


  • Consider using a sweeper-type roof to clean stormwater that may build up on your flat roof. This way, the water will be directed away from the edges of the shingles and away from your home’s foundation.


  • Never climb onto a flat roof to clean it or inspect it—you could be held liable if anything were to happen because of this. Instead, hire a professional roofer or roofer’s business.

a well-maintained flat roof


  • Nail boards, aluminum flashing, or other equipment used for flashing and caulking around the perimeter of the roof could pose a fire risk. Have these removed or replaced by a professional. The same goes for nails that may have pierced your shingle matting during installation, causing holes in the roof’s surface.


  • Caulk any visible gaps or cracks in your roof that may lead to leaks. When possible, people should use a foam caulking application instead of traditional caulk because it is more durable and readily available.


  • If you have wood shingles on your roof, be aware that these can warp from expansion and contraction each year due to temperature changes and humidity. This makes them less effective over time at protecting your home from water damage in a heavy rainstorm or snowfall.


Alternatively, metal roofing is a better choice for these types of areas. Not only does it cover more surface area with each shingle, but it also can be made to fit right over the wood and still provide adequate protection

Hire a Professional Roof Maintenance Service

Last but not least, hire a professional roofer who has worked with flat roofs before, especially if you’re concerned about keeping your home safe from damage or fire.


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