Everyone builds a swimming pool for a different purpose. Some wish to teach their children how to swim, while some want one as an entertainment or leisure outdoor activity. Others require one for athletic training. Swimming pool styles and designs depend on the actual purpose you need the pool for.

Let’s have a look at trendy styles, designs, and types of swimming pools in Purcellville.

1. Above The Ground Swimming Pool

One of the most affordable options for pool styles is an above-the-ground pool. They are easier to maintain and require fewer repairs. The installation procedure is cheaper and takes less time due to its simplicity. Underground pools might take more time due to digging and other installations.


2. Family Swimming Pool

You can create a perfect outdoor landscape and install a family swimming pool with the help of a landscape designer. You can spend time together as a family, and your children can learn how to swim right at home.


3. Architectural Swimming Pool

A swimming pool that’s built stylized in terms of structure and symmetry, is called an architectural pool. A landscape architect is required for proper planning and sophistication. An architectural pool can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your backyard.


4. Kiddie Pool

If your backyard is small or you have a restricted budget, you can opt for a kiddie pool that takes up less space and is a cheaper alternative. You need to ensure that the pool has sufficient area so that your children can sit and swim a little.


5. Indoor Swimming Pool

An indoor pool can be a great investment if you have a basement or sufficient space inside your house. It can be quite beneficial during winters as less heat will escape from the pool. In addition to that, it is easier to clean and maintain indoor pools.


6. Infinity Swimming Pool

You can customize your swimming pool and create a perfect illusion so that it seems like a waterfall at the end. Infinity swimming pools are quite an expensive investment, so if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind pool at your house, you can opt for this.

7. Lap Swimming Pool

A lap pool is particularly made for people who are inclined towards health and fitness. It’s a long pool to allow swimmers to practice lengthy strides.

A woman relaxing by the poolside in Purcellville.

You can contact a landscape designer like Perfect Pools and book their free one-hour consultation to get an idea for your perfect pool design in Purcellville. You can get world-class designs built with the best technology and be proud of your customized swimming pool.