Renovating your pool can be a great way to save time and money in the future than simply replacing its fixtures. Renovation can enhance the beauty of your pool, making it nicer to look at and more enjoyable with your friends and family. The repairs will also help with reducing water and energy consumption, saving up on your utility bills.

Here’s how you can update your aging pool.

Restore The Basic Fixtures

1. Replace The Tiles

When you’re trying to restore your old pool, you can update the interior tiling. The new tiles will give a fresh look to your pool. You can choose different sizes, patterns, and colors to give your pool a customized touch.


2. Replace The Edging Material

The edging material around the pool can crack and loosen up due to regular use and fluctuation in temperatures and weather. The pool structure and deck are a significant part of your pool’s appearance and need to be maintained. You can choose from concrete, brick, and natural stones for edging material.


3. Upgrade Your Pool Plaster

When your pool is used frequently, it deteriorates quicker and results in chips and cracks in the pool plaster. Consider installing a slip-resistant finish for more durability and safety for your family. While colored pebbles are expensive, they give a classic look to your pool.



1. Remodel With Mosaic

You can remodel your pool and install mosaic tiles to add a sophisticated and personalized look. Mosaic can have several patterns with any of your favorite creatures, symbols, and other elements.


2. Install Water Features

Water features like a fountain or waterfall can increase the aesthetic appeal of your pool, and you can enjoy a resort-like experience right at your home.


Add More Functionality

1. Install A Slide And Diving Board

When you install a poolside, or diving board, it will become easier for your kids to dive inside the pool. However, your pool needs to have enough depth and space in order to attach a slide or board.


2. Decrease Depth

When you reduce the depth of one side of your pool, it becomes easier for children and other family members to access it. Shallow pools are also trendy nowadays as they are more sustainable, reducing water capacity and consumption.


Modernizing Your Pool

You can improve the purification and heating system to make swimming more convenient for you. LED lighting can also improve the aesthetic appeal of your pool, and you can easily go for a swim at night as well.

A diving board installed in a swimming pool in South Riding.

You can revamp your old swimming pool by following recent trends and making a few repairs that will help you use your personal pool efficiently. You can contact a pool designer like Perfect Pools and book their free one-hour consultation to help you out in South Riding.