Building a swimming pool in your home is a huge investment that requires considerable thought and investigation. With so many designs and variants on the market, you may find it difficult to choose the right type of pool for your home. This article will act as a guide to help you decide which type of pool you should get. Here are the different types of pools you should know about.


Architectural Pool

Architectural pools are designed to match the aesthetics of your home’s architecture to give your residence a cohesive look. An architectural pool requires sophisticated tools and techniques and is, therefore, should be built by a professional landscape architect.

Family-Sized Recreational Pool

A family-sized recreational pool is built with safety in mind and therefore is much shallower than other pools. They’re great for people with children as they can go for a quick swim without the chances of drowning, but keep an eye out in case of any unfortunate events. A skilled swimming pool designer can childproof your pool upon request.

A swimming pool designer-built lap pool

Lap Pool

Lap pools are narrow and long and can span over 50 feet in length. They’re the preferred type of swimming pool for people who prefer lap swimming over relaxation. If you’re a swimmer or want to stay healthy, lap pools are perfect for you. Bear in mind, your home needs to be able to accommodate the length of a lap pool.


Indoor Pool

In many colder climates, outdoor pools are difficult to maintain and are usually closed during the winter seasons. Indoor pools are ideal if you want access to the pool all year round as they’re insulated with concrete or glass walls. Despite being costlier in the short-term, they are cost-effective in terms of maintenance as water is saved from evaporation and the walls keep wildlife away.



A spool is a combination of the word “spa” and “pool,” and as the name suggests, they bring the best of both worlds. A spool is great for its space-saving advantage while providing the added feature of a spa for you to relax in.


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