The US market for commercial roofing contractors has reached a massive $51.9 in 2021. There are different types of commercial roofs, each built according to the requirements of the commercial building and available budget.

The type of roof you choose for your building plays an important role in protecting the building from the weather and determines the longevity of the building.

Here are some common types of commercial roofs.

Half-Slope Roof

The least expensive option on the market, a half-slope roof, offers minimal protection against weather conditions but is still efficient because it has a longer slope than other roofs. A half-slope can be adapted to fit taller buildings by adding more rows of panels or by angling the panels down at an additional angle to increase their length.

Flat Roof

Flat roofs are one of the easiest to install type of commercial roofing and are extremely cost-effective. They’re made from materials such as concrete, tiles, or metal sheets with a waterproofing membrane protecting against water damage and other issues. The main downside to flat roofs is they allow for very little ventilation, which can cause higher levels of moisture within the building.

a commercial building with a flat roof

Barrel Roof

When space is limited, a barrel roof is an excellent option because it allows for more vertical space while accommodating large machinery and equipment. For this style of roof, the panels are tilted inward, so they all meet in the center, creating a look similar to a barrel. The panels are spaced out at regular intervals to mimic the shape of a barrel. Barrel roofs are relatively inexpensive because they’re made of corrugated steel sheets and offer a great price-to-space ratio.

Gable Roof

A gable or hip roof is designed with a single side that juts upward and has two horizontal sections. It’s commonly associated with houses, but it is also frequently used in the construction of small buildings as well as large ones. The main disadvantage is that it’s noticeably warmer than other roof types, so if you want a cooling effect, you’ll have to ensure the building gets adequate ventilation to keep the air moving.

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