Spring is almost here, which means the good times are coming. It’s when your garden starts coming back to life. If you’re just as excited to start your spring seed sowing, nurturing, and growing endeavors as we are, now is the perfect time to prepare your South Riding garden for all these activities.


Planning your garden renovation earlier will help you organize your thoughts and get a headstart on how you want your garden to look this spring. While experienced landscape architects in South Riding can help you during the garden remodeling process, follow this guide to prepare your garden for spring.


Pull the Weeds

Gardens are usually neglected during the cold winter months. As a result, you might come across some left-over weeds from previous months or new ones sprouting from the cool temperatures. Tidy up your garden by eliminating all the weeds from the ground while they’re still soft. The grim summer soil can make it challenging to pull them out.

Therefore, pre-spring weeks are the perfect time to remove weeds to enable them to deeply root and regrow, especially if you’re planning on sowing new seeds this spring.

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Clean Up the Flower Beds

A deep cleaning regimen will help you map out how you want to design your garden this spring. Start a tidying-up session by eliminating leaves, pests, and other debris from your garden’s flower beds and borders. Sharpen your gardening tools and use them to trim the old-grown herbaceous perennials and deciduous grass.

Maintain your flower beds by cutting out their borders and leaving them in bare soil. Discard or recycle all the dead organic matter you’ve accumulated and throw all the pulled weeds in your compost pile or brown bin. If you suspect they might germinate, discard them as soon as possible.


Maintain Fences & Gates

Pre-spring months are the perfect time to take care of essential outdoor maintenance jobs before flowers begin to bloom and you prepare to sow new seeds. Look for decay or weather damage in areas like your backyard gates, fence panels, and trellis, and fix these structures before hosting a springtime get-together in your garden with friends and family.

Use a power washer to remove residual dirt, mildew, and mold on the garden’s fence panels and gate. If you’re struggling to get rid of the stubborn grime, get a stiff brush to eradicate it. Spruce it up by staining or painting the fence panels once the wood is completely dry.

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If you’re looking for some pre-spring planning assistance, let the landscape architects in South Riding help you renovate your outdoor living space with their exert techniques. The pool builders and outdoor space designers at Perfect Pools aim to provide you with the best landscape design with breathtaking views all year round. Contact them today to learn more.