Your toilet is one of the most important parts of your home. Clogging and gurgling of your toilet can be extremely frustrating and disgusting.

Your toilet can start making a weird bubbling sound after you flush, and it can also occur randomly. Sometimes your toilet gurgles and doesn’t flush. It can be messy and smelly and can become worse if left untreated.

This article will list the reasons behind the issue:

Reason#1: Due to Blockage in Your Drain Pipes

Gurgling noises are caused by negative air pressure somewhere in the lines. It is due to a blockage in your drainpipes which blocks the air and stops it from flowing freely in the line. As a result, the air pushes back and forms weird gurgling sounds.

Reason#2: Due to Clogged Toilet

Sometimes you will see stuff in the toilet, like shreds of paper or cloth. Things like these can’t dissolve in the water and end up being stuck in the bowl. As a result of being stuck, it will also block the main pipelines and make your toilet gurgle.

sewer drainage system

Reason#3: Due to Blockage of Vent Stacks

Vent stack is a pipe that goes from the drainage system up to the roof. It provides a way for air and sewer gases to emit from the toilet.

Vent stacks are blocked by debris, leaves, or when sometimes birds bring their nest in there. This also results in negative pressure and causes the same gurgling sounds.

Reason#4: Due to Clogged Municipal Sewer Pipes

Municipal sewer pipes are the main drainage pipes that take all the wastewater from the other pipes to be treated. However, these pipes are rarely clogged, but if you think your toilet is gurgling because of their blockage, contact your neighbors and ask them about their situation. If they’re dealing with the same problems, call the sewer authority of your area.

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