Have you been considering designing your first garden? Rehabbing an outdoor space is an excellent hobby. Most importantly, once you achieve your dream garden goals, you’re continually looking for ways to upgrade it and make it even better.


Backyards and gardens make life joyful by offering improved air quality, breathtaking views with natural tones of greens, browns, and pink, and much-needed sunshine on rough days. But where do you start when designing your house’s landscape? While a qualified landscape designer in Leesburg can undoubtedly make the task easier, here are a few tips to help you start.


Choose Between Eastern & Western Design

Garrett Eckbo is one of the most influential American landscape architects with significant design contributions in the 20th century. He wrote about the history of landscape design in his book “Landscape for Living”, in which he mentions there are two areas of inspiration when you design a landscape: you can either go with a formal and traditional design derived from Western Asia or Europe’s gardens or develop a design inspired by eastern Asia’s nature-symbolism.

If you want your landscape design to depict western traditions, it should have optimum symmetry with straight lines and even flower beds.

If you’re looking for an informal design, you can use eastern landscape examples with curves, irregular shapes, and additional materials like water fountains, rocks, and artificial forests.

Once you understand both designs’ differences, you can mix their elements and develop personalized landscape ideas.

a green landscape design

Determine Your Garden’s Purpose

Landscape architects design gardens with three purposes in mind. A well-maintained garden can help you save costs by raising food; it can become the ultimate living space to host intimate gatherings with loved ones; or it can be your personal escape from the chaotic world with visually-pleasing views.

Therefore, the next step to designing your landscape is asking yourself what purpose your garden should accomplish. When you’re certain about how you want to use your outdoor space, you can combine multiple elements and ornamentals to create your outdoor sanctuary.


Complement Your Home’s Architecture

Since your backyard and its’ landscape are an integral part of your home, their elements and overall design should complement your house’s architecture. If you have a traditional home, you should choose plants and flowers to match its color scheme.

Similarly, if you have a home with contemporary architecture, you should choose plants and flower beds with increased texture and taller heights to create the perfect combination. Avoid putting too many colors in a single space unless an experienced landscape designer suggests you to.

a modern landscape

Ready to turn your backyard into an oasis with your landscape design? Let the landscape architects in Leesburg help you transform your outdoor living space with their expert skills and techniques. Schedule a consultation with the qualified landscape designers at Perfect Pools to learn more today!