Spending Leesburg summers by the pool in your own backyard with family and friends is the perfect way to relax. Your residential pool is not only a unique selling feature for your home, but is also an attraction that’ll get your house noticed in the neighborhood. However, designing, building and installing your dream pool can turn into a nightmare if given into the wrong hands.

Regardless of the kind of swimming pool you’re aiming for, it’s a major investment. Consequently, it requires substantial skill and expertise for the perfect end-product. Therefore, when you decide to install a pool at your home, it’s critical to work with competent, experienced, and trustworthy pool builders in Leesburg.

Read on to learn some of the factors to consider when you’re going through a list of pool contractors in Leesburg.


Down Payment Requirements

It’s not a common practice for competent pool builders to require a down payment of more than 10% for most pool building and installation projects. However, many companies’ down payment requirements may also go up to 20%.

A down payment prerequisite of more than 10-20% standard is an alarming sign of the company running out of business with sparse cash flow. It’s also an indicator of the company’s lack of resources to pay sub-contractors and workers.

Therefore, choose pool builders in Leesburg with the minimum down payment conditions for your project.

an indoor pool


While a pool builder’s talent and skill matters, it’s also crucial to examine their license, qualification, and certification. You can do so by checking the accredited organization the company is a member of.

Moreover, looking up the company’s registration, certification and licensure in your state is also a good idea. Remember to request your pool contractor for documents related to their insurance and liability coverage.

Another method of verifying the pool builder’s authenticity is checking the Better Business Bureau list by entering your zip code on their site. A fair to excellent rating by the Better Business Bureau is an indication to go ahead with the company you’re considering.


Project Timeline

Designing a pool and executing it into a house’s outdoor space is a time consuming task. A pool project’s completion depends on various factors, such as manufacturing material, the pool design, and size. A concrete pool takes between 3-12 weeks for complete installation.

Hire a pool builder in Leesburg who can provide you with a reasonable timeline indicating every stage of your pool project and ensure that it’s completed on the committed deadline.
a pool in the backyard

You can now use these factors to make an educated decision while choosing a pool contractor in Leesburg who you can trust with your dream pool, such as the experts at Perfect Pools. Their pool builders specialize in building traditional and luxury pools to fit every house’s needs. Reach out to them to schedule a consultation today!