If there’s a pool in the house, that’ll pretty much be the center point of all outdoor activities and summer fun. Be it for leisure, sport, or celebrations – an in-house pool is excellent for all occasions.

Beyond the activities, a pool takes the appeal and value of your property up a notch. But you want more than financial gains for this investment—you want this to be safe and entertaining for everyone in the family.

This is where the pool design comes in. In addition to the specifications of the pool, you must tell the architect to make it height-appropriate for everyone.


Purpose of the Pool

The depth of your pool also depends on the purpose you’ll use it for. If it’s mainly for practicing your diving moves and finishing more laps, you’ll need a deeper pool. But if it’s only to add to the visual appeal of your garden and play beach games occasionally, a height of 3-5 feet is perfect for everyone. Naturally, children under 3 feet shouldn’t be allowed to enter without a guardian or a float.

Safe Heights For Adults

You need to be accommodating even if everyone in the house is an adult – you can’t skew your decision in favor of the majority. You need to account for the shortest and tallest person in the house. That should give you a mark for how shallow the pool needs to be at one end, and deep on the other. A standard depth of 3-5 feet is usually preferred.


Kid’s Pool

A hot tub is perfect if you and your spouse also have a toddler. As for the kid, you can have a smaller subset of the pool demarcated with only 2 feet of depth with an elevated ground. This allows the child to enjoy some pool time, along with the parents without risking their safety or fun.


If a tight budget bounds you, it’s best not to go for a diving pool. The optimal depth required for that is 10 feet. But a deeper pool requires more water and more robust filtration systems. This can dial up the budget. However, if you’re a professional swimmer and want to train at home, the budget shouldn’t stop you; it’s an investment in your dreams!

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