As compared to other parts of the world, New Zealand is known for violent thunderstorms.

These thunderstorms can result in severe damages to property. This means that your house, especially the roof, can also get damaged and may need roof repair.

However, roof repair can be confusing if you have never done it before.

This article discusses all the steps you can take after a storm to repair your roof hamilton.

severely damaged roof

1- Make a List of All the Damage

The first step towards repairing your roof is to know what was exactly damaged.

The storm might just damage a few shingles or make your roof super dirty. However, it can also cause extensive damages like ripping away numerous tiles or breaking down a part of your roof.

Make a list of all the things that have been damaged and need repairing. You can also leave out some things that are not severe enough, like discoloration due to rain.

We advise inspecting your roof in the daytime so you can assess the extent of the damage.

2- Do Some Temporary Damage Repair Yourself

If you can see water leaking from the roof as rain aftermath, it’s time to do a DIY job.

It’s understandable to do some roof repair yourself, as the storm would have affected hundreds of houses in the neighborhood, making the roof repair services really busy. And we don’t want to live under a half-blown roof, do we?

You can put a bucket under the leaks so that the insides of your house are protected from leaking water. This will also save the furniture or wooden door from rotting away. Cover the damaged part of the roof with a plastic cloth or some other material to prevent further environmental damage.

3- Hire a Roof Repair Service

This part of repairing a roof depends upon the severity of the damage.

If the storm was light and didn’t cause much damage, you can avoid calling a roof repair service. If you feel like the temporary repair you did was enough, you shouldn’t hire a roof repair service.

But, let us tell you that the damage caused by storms isn’t always visible. Leaks can cause internal damage to your house’s structure and walls. Some missing shingles can later cause the other shingles to dislodge. This is why it’s crucial to get your roof inspected by a professional roof repair service.

Damaged roof shingles

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