Many people think they’re releasing their goldfish back into the wild or disposing of their dead ones by flushing them down the toilet. But this can often lead to major problems not just for the goldfish but also your sewage system and the populations of the fish in the local marine ecosystem. Here’s what may happen when you flush your dead or live goldfish down the toilet.

It Can Die

If you think you’re doing your pet goldfish a favor by releasing it out into the wild by flushing it, you’re probably wrong. Your goldfish can end up dying in the sewerage system before it reaches any saltwater source. Goldfish immediately die from their delicate bodies going into shock because of the cold water of the toilet. And if your goldfish ends up being like Nemo and getting into the sewerage system, the poisonous gases and chemicals will probably kill it soon.

It Can Clog Your Toilet

If your dead goldfish is bigger than usual, then flushing it down the toilet to dispose of it would mean that you’re also risking clogging your toilet. And if you leave it to rot in there, hoping it’ll flush out in a couple of days, the inevitable fishy odor would also make your toilet and your washroom unusable unless you get a plumber rockwall to unclog it for you.

A school of goldfish

It Can Harm the Native Aquatic Ecosystem

If your goldfish is lucky enough to make it to the local freshwater or saltwater source with the treated water, then it can pose a great threat to the native fish already living there. Goldfish are a highly invasive species. They multiply quickly, and if there’s no natural predator to feed on them, then they fight and win the competition for all the food and resources in the ecosystem, dominating it. This harms the fish that were already living there.

This is why it’s necessary to properly dispose of your goldfish by either burying them or throwing them with the garbage, or asking a pet store to take them back. If you’re looking for an emergency plumber rockwall tx, to put you out of your fishy situation, then we have just the people for you.

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