A structure with no roof is unsafe. Even if you opt to give minimal attention to the type of roof you have, it is still an important aspect of the building process.

A well-designed roof also contributes to a home’s overall appearance. The form gives your property a distinctive look.

Insulation and ventilation are also provided by roofs. Your home’s energy efficiency is also determined by the structure of your roof.

Here are the best types of roofing you should consider

Gable Roof

A pitched roof is another name given to a gable roof. It’s a typical roof design, and it has a triangular shape that makes it easy to spot.

Gable roofs are suitable for a wide range of materials. To prevent leakage, it is advisable to use seam shingles or metal shingles if they have valleys and hips.

Dutch gable, front gable, side-gable, and crossed gable are the four kinds of gable roofs.

Mansard Roof

This is another common roofing option. It has four sides, each with its own double inclination. The edges of the building are developed to suit a flat top, resulting in a low-pitched roof.

A French roof is sometimes is another name given to a mansard roof.

Roof with a Hip Design

Hip roofs, similar to mansard roofs, normally have four sides: two sides are triangular while the other two sides are trapezoidal. A hip roof has equal lengths on both sides that slope downwards.

Almost any type of material can be used to build a hipped roof house. Hip roofs are divided into three categories: crossing hip, plain hip, and half-hipped.

A Roof with a Flat Surface

Flat roofs aren’t exactly what their name implies. There is a minor incline of about 10 degrees that lets water drain. Industrial and commercial structures frequently have flat roofs.

For flat roofs, the best materials are rubber membrane, tar and gravel, roll roofing, and metal sheets.

Bonnet Roof

Bonnet roofs feature two slopes: one upper and one lower.

The lower slope isn’t as angled as the upper slope. It features a flat bottom and a steep top, as the name implies. Kicked-eaves are a common nickname for them.

The overhanging lower slopes provide a shelter for an open porch. Any style of roofing, particularly natural stone can be used to create a bonnet roof.


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