Load-bearing walls are known to be the pillars of the house. They are what hold the structure. However, trends have changed with time. As the population grows and more people are coming out of the long-term effects of the 2008 financial crisis, homeownership in the country is back to high levels. This means a lot of people have the liberty to make changes to their homes. One way of doing that is removing load-bearing walls.

This is because more space is created, and it becomes more like an open-space design that gives off the impression that it looks more spacious than it is.

However, this load-bearing wall removal process should be left to the professionals, who replace these walls with other options that do the same job. Let’s have a look at what those options can be.

Columns made with concrete

Why Replace Load Bearing Walls at all?

Removing load-bearing walls not only becomes a creative decision but an essential one as well. In the earlier days, most of the load-bearing walls were masonry walls. Although they were very effective in holding the weight of the house structure, they were mostly good for smaller houses.

Recently, there have been many permits being approved—25.5% to be exact—for multi-story houses in the country.

As traditional masonry load-bearing walls themselves are quite heavy and fail to provide adequate thermal insulation, it becomes vital that builders move towards alternates.

Beams & Columns

The usage of beams and columns in house structures is quickly becoming a popular option as these provide several benefits.

First, they take up lesser space than typical load-bearing walls do, allowing homeowners more space to use. Second, they can be designed specifically and allow for more creativity, designs, and shapes. This helps give the house an aesthetic that load-bearing walls may not provide. Third, they are extremely durable and can also be used for multi-story structures as they aren’t as heavy as load-bearing walls.

Steel beams and columns being installed

Materials Used

What makes beams and columns a good option to replace load-bearing walls is that they use strong materials such as steel, reinforced concrete, and wood. These are some of the strongest materials that can be used for construction.

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