Having a luscious green garden is a dream of every homeowner. But we all know that maintaining a lawn is a daunting task. It requires lots of work and attention to keep your garden spick and span. Here are some tips that can help you maintain your lawn and make sure it’s green and pest-free.

Trim Your Trees and Bushes

Although it’s very important to trim your trees regularly to make your lawn look aesthetically pleasing, there is more to trimming than just hedonic appeal. Overgrowth of trees can affect their health. It can weaken them and make it difficult for them to survive. Dense trees can block sunlight from reaching other plants and can inhibit their growth. Trees with weak branches also pose a threat to property or, in worst cases, can even be a risk to life.

It’s for these reasons that trees should be trimmed regularly. Pruning trees can help them be healthier by removing branches that are weak and diseased. 

Apply Fertilizer

Applying a light fertilizer to your lawn can also help it look greener and alive. Just like sunlight and water, nutrients are also important for grass. To support healthy grass growth, the soil needs to be rich in phosphorous, nitrate, and potassium. Applying fertilizer to the soil can make the soil rich again and help you have the lawn of your dreams. 

Mow Your Grass

Mowing your lawn regularly is very important to make it look fresh and green. Mowing frequency depends on the growth of grass. Generally, a lawn should be mowed once a week. But if the lawn has good grass growth, you can mow the lawn more than once as well. On the contrary, some lawns only require mowing once in two weeks. It’s also crucial to mow your lawn at the correct height. It helps increase lawn density and keeps the root system healthy. 

Integrated Pest Management

Pest are one of the biggest issues when maintaining a lawn. They pose a significant risk to the health of your lawns. If not treated promptly, your grass can become their meal. To repel pests from your grass, one can use an integrated pest management technique. Pests can be repelled using strong, pungent smells. Growing plants with such pungent fragrances can help you repel insects. Some plants known for their natural pest repellent qualities are lavender, mint, lemongrass, etc.  

Brown pots with a green lemon-mint plant.

Contact Experts for Pest Control

In case you’re unable to manage pests in your lawn, you can seek professional help. Pest control companies can help exterminate your lawn. These companies can help you get rid of rodents as well as smaller pests and ensure that pests are no more a threat to your lawn.

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