Getting a pool installed in your yard is an enjoyable experience. Most of the time, homeowners are too excited about the prospect of having a pool to worry about installation and other costs. However, adding a pool can be expensive, with a report from 2015 showing that the average cost of a swimming pool built in the ground can be around $39,084.

If you are looking to add a pool to your yard but are confused about how to keep the cost down, these tips can help you stay within your budget:

Search For Various Bids:

If you’ve ever gotten a home improvement project done, you may have had to talk to various companies and contractors. Similarly, talking to various pool designers and contractors allows you to get a point of reference. Contact at least three different companies before you choose the best one to build your pool. Practice this tip even if someone has referred a specific company to you.

However, do make sure that you get referrals because you don’t want to trust a complete stranger with all of your money. Talk to people you know who have gotten pools built and ask for their suggestions.

Think About Long-Term Savings:

It can be tempting to go for the cheapest option when installing a pool, thinking that it’s a one-time cost. But most homeowners are unaware that pools require continuous maintenance and upkeep. You may even find that an expensive option gives you more savings down the line.

For example, when installing a concrete or granite pool, homeowners may think they can choose a cheap surface, which tends to wear away only after ten years. Instead, choosing a more robust surface can help them save on repair and replacement costs in the long run.

A simple but elegant pool


Choose A Simple Design:

Most pool designers will suggest you keep it simple if you want to save your money. Adding features like steps, shelves, curves, and more will only raise the overall cost.

Control The Materials Used:

If you’re on a budget, you may want to restrict the kind of tiles and finishes you’re planning to add to the pool. You can also save by limiting the materials used on the decking and patio, as these can also add to the cost.

Think Carefully About The Location:

Installing your pool under trees may keep it in the shade and require less heating, but you’ll find yourself having to clean it up more often to remove all the fallen leaves and debris.

Moreover, keeping the pool far from the house increases the energy and water used, so it may be best to plan the pool close to the home.

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