Since the pandemic hit and we became trapped at home, we’ve come to realize the importance the outdoors holds for us. Ironically, statistics show that even before the pandemic, Americans weren’t spending much time outdoors. Research showed that they only spent 8% of their total hours outdoors, while almost 70% of their time was spent at work.

This was the picture in 2001. In 2021, with the pandemic still ongoing, our routines have dramatically shifted, and we spend more hours working from home, thereby almost wholly isolating ourselves from the outdoors—definitely not a good sign.

To counter this, you can consider enhancing your outdoor living space. Here is why this is a worthwhile option:

Increased Health Benefits

The health benefits of spending time outdoors are numerous, research has shown. The air outside contains phytoncides, which plants produce to keep predators away. This chemical compound positively impacts your body and increases its immunity, stimulating the production of white blood cells.

Additionally, having space outside to sit and relax means the chances of soaking up the sun are higher, which helps you get the vital Vitamin D your body needs.

In children, spending time outdoors is linked to fewer chances of developing short-sightedness. An outdoor space means more opportunities to enjoy activities other than those on the screen, thereby increasing exercise and reducing the chances of developing myopia.

entrance to an outdoor stoned patio

Potential For Entertainment And Relaxation

Outdoor spaces provide numerous chances for entertainment and relaxation. Whether you choose to install a swimming pool, invest in your backyard or make an outdoor seating arrangement, it all offers plenty of opportunities to entertain and relax at ease.

You can arrange for sports activities, take a jog, swim or plan a picnic in your own space.

Better Relationships

With a better place for entertainment and relaxation, you’re more likely to engage in social activities. You may find yourself hosting a party or a get-together now and then because you now have the space and opportunity for it. This can encourage a positive bond with people outside your home and those inside it by providing you with ample opportunities to spend quality time engaging in activities everyone enjoys.

Reduced Stress

The outdoors is a great place to free yourself of stress. With more physical activity in your life and more sunshine, you’re more likely to experience reduced levels of stress and worry. Also, a more active social circle impacts depression and loneliness positively.

Increased Home Value

A significant factor in this entire equation is that an outdoor space will significantly enhance the value of your property. It’s an investment that will provide long-term benefits.

Final Word:

Outdoor spaces can be excellent opportunities and a worthy investment. Contact Perfect Pools, swimming pool contractors in Hamilton, VA, today to get your very own swimming pool installed.