If you’ve been wanting to build a swimming pool in your residence but don’t have the budget or space, a pool contractor in Hamilton can help build a small swimming pool in your home. Here are five benefits of building a small swimming pool in your home.


Saves Ground Space

While we all would love to have a grand swimming pool with all sorts of accessories and features, it may not be feasible to fit one in our residence. Small swimming pools can be built in a small front lawn or backyard. On the other hand, larger residences can also opt to build small pools, allowing them to build the remaining outdoor living space with other amenities, such as an outdoor kitchen and sitting space.


Less Maintenance Is Required

A pool needs to be cleaned and treated regularly with sanitizing chemicals to ward off bacteria and dirt. A small pool requires less maintenance compared to larger pools due to its low water capacity. This means that you spend less time cleaning and more time relaxing in your private pool.


Reduced Costs

A small swimming pool requires fewer materials and labor and, therefore, has lower construction costs than its larger counterparts. Furthermore, the two previous benefits allow a third benefit; long-term cost savings. Small pools require less water, electricity, chemicals, and thus fewer maintenance costs due to their small footprint, which is a bonus for eco-conscious homeowners.

Family enjoying in small pool

Organize More Activities

A private pool at your residence can be an ideal spot for family and friends. From recreational activities with children to pool parties with friends, you can organize activities and events on the weekends and holidays. A swimming pool designer can add a waterslide or swim bar for a better experience.


Health Benefits

While you can swim long laps only in a larger swimming pool, small pools can be built narrower but longer to be able to meet your swimming needs. Aside from physical health benefits, such as improved cardiovascular and respiratory health, enjoying a dip in your small pool can help relax your mind and improve your mental health.


Perfect Pools is an award-winning pool builder in Hamilton that designs and builds custom swimming pools for residents in Northern Virginia. They have built swimming pools of all shapes and sizes and can help you envision your small pool with 3D design renderings. Head to their website for more information on their services.