Many eco-conscious homeowners are making the move towards sustainable swimming pools to lessen their impact on the environment without losing the luxury of owning a pool. Here’s how you can make your swimming pool eco-friendly.


Use a Pool Cover

The simplest way to make your swimming pool eco-friendly is to cover it with a pool cover. High outdoor temperatures lead to pool water evaporation, which can be reduced by covering your pool with a pool cover when not in use. Pool covers also keep dirt and wildlife away, which helps reduce high usage of sanitizing chemicals.


Use Alternate Sanitizing Methods

Chlorine is a common sanitizing agent that is added to pool water to kill off bacteria. However, chlorine is highly reactive and can cause harm to organisms in soil and water. Bromine is a great alternative for chlorine in hot weather conditions. You can also opt to go chemical-free with moss-filtration, which helps filter dirt and debris sustainably. The method is proven to reduce chemical usage by 40% and water consumption by 75%.


Invest in a Variable Speed Pump and Solar Pool Heater

Pool pumps keep the pool water flowing and should operate for at least 8 hours a day. A single-speed pump works on a single speed setting, while a variable speed pump works on multiple speed settings.

A variable speed pump can help cut down on energy consumption as you can adjust the pump to the lowest setting when the pool isn’t in use. A solar pool heater captures sunlight to produce thermal energy to keep all areas of the pool water warm. This helps reduce the pool’s dependence on fossil fuels and instead relies on renewable energy. Ask a pool contractor to install a variable speed pump and solar pool heater.


Grow Natural Vegetation Around the Pool

Natural vegetationTrees act as windbreak doesn’t just provide fresh air but also acts as a windbreak and sunblind to reduce water evaporation and energy consumption. A landscape architect in Stone Ridge will suggest growing low-maintenance and drought-resistant plants around your pool. If you want to build a sustainable landscape and swimming pool, look no further than Perfect Pools.

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