According to Investopedia, a swimming pool can increase your home’s worth by 7%. However, many people avoid investing in a swimming pool because they don’t have time to take care of it. This blog post will explain how pool automation makes it easy to maintain it.


How often do you return home craving to relax in your swimming pool, but you don’t do so because you lack the time needed to prepare before you dive in. With the help of automating your pool, you won’t have to spend hours preparing your pool. The automation system can keep everything in check and under your control.

Whether you’re worried about your pool’s chemical levels and cleanliness, or you just want the temperatures to be ideal according to your mood and weather, pool automation takes care of everything. You can quickly control everything with easy-to-use automation apps and devices.  Your pool’s pump, chemical feeder, and chlorinator- everything can be simultaneously connected and controlled without any hassle.


Installing a pool automation system can significantly reduce your running and maintenance costs. Automated speed pumps not only consume less energy but also limit energy wastage. Automated systems are designed to only use as much energy as needed and provide great results without adding to your electricity bills.

Greater Flexibility

How often does it happen that you forget to turn your pool’s lights off or leave the pump running? Don’t you hate it when you have to get out of your comfy bed or even return home in the middle of your journey just to ensure that lights and pump are turned off? With the help of automation devices, you can control everything from anywhere. You can also turn on the pump and lights and make your pool ready even before you reach home.

Helps You Schedule Maintenance

It isn’t easy to remember and plan your pool’s due maintenance. However, pool automation allows you to plan pool maintenance according to your desired schedule. You can always change the schedules according to the weather and other factors. Moreover, you can also set alarms and reminders to ensure that you don’t skip due maintenance.

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