Swimming releases feel-good chemicals in our brain that are called endorphins. Endorphins can help us deal with pain or stress, induce positivity and boost our physical and mental well-being. The benefits of swimming can be enhanced further by making it appear more natural, because the research shows that exposure to nature can reduce anger, fear, and stress and increase pleasant feelings. This blogpost will share somethings you can consider adding to your pool’s landscape if you are planning to invest in it.

Succulent Plants

Use of succulents is becoming widespread and many home and office owners are integrating them with some other plants to give their homes a decent and natural outlook. Adding them to the surroundings of your pool can make you feel as if you are swimming at a natural beach.

There a different types of succulents, and some have dangerous thorns and needles. Make sure you avoid such and opt for thorn-free options such as Aeonium, Agave, Attenuata, Euphorbia and Crassula.


Grassy Look

If you are looking for low-maintenance greenery in your surroundings, then nothing is better than ornamental grass. You can easily manage ornamental grass without much effort or cost. Besides adding to natural outlook, it can also increase your privacy if you let it grow higher. The best options for ornamental grass include Bamboos, Lemongrass, Blue fescue, Feather grass and Korean grass.

Include Shrubs

What is the point of having your pool in your personal space if outsiders can still peek in? Besides ornamental grass, you can also grow sum shrubs around your pool to maximize your privacy. They will also look great and enhance the natural appearance of your landscape.

Shrubs and plants in surrounding of a pool.

Salt water plants

Salt water pools are emerging as great alternative to chlorinated pools. They provide a more natural look and are free from that weird pungent smell that most pools have due to high chlorine content. The salt water plants that you can use for this purpose include Century Plant, Daylily, Blanket Flower, or even Holly. These plants can keep your pool clean and safe without affecting your eyes and hair.

Do you find these suggestions attractive? Are you planning to invest in your pool’s landscape anytime soon? At Perfect Pools, we are helping our clients transform their luxurious outdoor living spaces in Stone Ridge. We can provide you with everything you need to enhance your pool. Get in touch with our landscape designers to design a wonderful pool area at affordable rates.