Many people don’t consider DIY drain cleaning to be a big deal and forget that it can be highly injurious to health because of the chemicals used. Drain cleaner poisoning can be life-threatening and DIY drain cleaning can expose you to it. Here’s why DIY drain cleaning can be a very bad idea.

1.    Lack of Plumbing Expertise

Most people who do DIY drain cleaning do not have the right plumbing expertise to do it properly. You may not have the right tools or products you need to clean the drain.

Even if you have the right tools, you may not have enough experience to handle them correctly which could result in more damage to your plumbing system further down the line.

2.    Use of Harmful & Toxic Chemicals

The chemicals that you use to clean drains on your own can be extremely toxic and injurious. Products like bleach and lye can eat away at the metal and cause corrosion if used regularly. They are also not very effective in actually cleaning your drain.

If you don’t use proper protective gear while handling these materials, they can also be harmful to your own health and cause rashes, burns, or respiration issues.

3.    Unhygienic and Messy Work

The reason drains get dirty or clogged in the first place is because of the build-up of materials and residue. Cleaning drains can be very messy if you don’t have the right tools or knowledge. It can also be very unhygienic if you don’t use appropriate protective gear and clothing.

4.    Risk of Causing More Damage

Cleaning a drain only on the outside is one thing, but if your drain is clogged or damaged because of issues with the main sewer line, then you will need professional help from a plumber to fix it. Using the wrong chemicals or mishandling tools can lead to further damage and cost more to fix. It’s better to consult with a plumber for the correct way to repair your drain.

A plumber cleaning a drain

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