Rust is considered to be the biggest threat to drinking water in the US because of how dangerous it can be. Rusty pipes are what make your water rusty; here are some ways they can harm your health:

1.    They Can Affect Your Water Quality

Rust can easily infiltrate your water supply through the pipes it travels through. The rusty water will appear as brown or orange-colored and may have other smaller pieces of residue floating around in it. Your water will start tasting metallic and the quality will be ruined.

2.    They Can Harm Your Health

If you consume too much rusty water, it can lead to harmful effects on your health since it may contain a large number of bacteria and toxic chemicals. It can cause fatigue, pain, acne, or weakness.

3.    They Can Lower Your Water Pressure

The deposits of rust and sediments along the sides of the water pipes can cause blockage in the path of the water which affects its flow. Only a small amount of water can pass through the pipes which will lower the overall water pressure across the plumbing system of your home.

How to Avoid the Dangers

Here are some ways for you to manage or avoid the dangers:

1.    Keep Your Pipes Clean

You should keep your pipes as clean as possible. There are some ways you can use to clean your rusty pipes yourself but it is always a better option to get a professional plumber to repair it for you with the right tools.

2.    Monitor Your Water Quality

You can monitor your water quality to see if there’s any discoloration, infiltration or smell. If your water has the slightest brown tint or funky odor, it’s time to get your water supply checked out.

3.    Repair Regularly

Your best option to protect the pipes and water quality is to regularly repair them as soon as you notice any signs of damage or leaks.

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