“Drip… drip… drip…” It’s 2 am in the morning, you’re trying to sleep but this constant noise of water dripping from your taps isn’t letting you rest peacefully. You’ve tried twisting the tap shut multiple times now but the water won’t stop dripping. A deep thought kicks in as you try to evaluate how much clean water is going to waste because of this leaky faucet in your kitchen or bathroom.

If you’re in a similar situation, we can imagine how annoyed you must be. Here are some common causes of this leakage, and how you can fix them.

water dripping from a tap

1.    Water Pressure

Before stressing out, go and tighten your taps a little more, especially if you notice they’re leaking sometimes and functioning fine otherwise. This may be due to insufficient or extreme water pressure in your pipes.

2.    A Broken Washer

This is the most common reason for a leaky faucet. Washers are placed against the valve seat and every time you use the tap, friction is created. This friction slowly and gradually wears out the washer, rending it useless. A broken washer can be easily fixed by getting a new one and replacing the old one.

3.    O Ring Issue

O rings are attached to your sink’s stem screw. They are used to keep the faucet’s handle where it should be. Just like a washer, over time, the o ring may get damaged due to constant wear and tear. Replace this with a new one to ensure your faucet functions properly again.

4.    Corrosion in the Valve Seat

A valve seat is used to connect the spout to the faucet. Sedimentation and corrosion tend to damage the valve seat, causing leakage. This leakage occurs near the spout area. You can prevent this from happening if you regularly clean the valve seat and don’t allow any buildup.

5.    Improper Fixtures

If you recently got your taps and faucets repaired or replaced, the constant dripping may be due to improper fixtures. Whoever did the plumbing job didn’t quite fit in all the parts correctly and now there’s seepage due to that. You can call a reliable plumber rowlett tx to fix the issue.

Get Your Water Leak Repaired in Rowlett, Texas

a new sink that isn’t dripping

So, if your toilet is leaking or the faucet is dripping, we recommend contacting a trusted plumbing service. Wasden Plumbing Services is the number one plumbing company in Rowlett. You can get your slab leak, water leak, or sewer repaired by contacting them today!