Winters in Texas are known to be chilly. It barely ever snows but climate change is affecting the weather conditions of the state. With this shift in weather, cold winter nights aren’t the only thing you need to worry about. There’s also a constant fear of water or sewer lines bursting. This causes serious disruption in your everyday life. But what does cold temperature have to do with pipelines, right? To tell you the truth, it has got everything to do with it. Let’s see how.

Molecular Expansion

ice on the roof of a house

You must have read about the anomalous behavior of water in your science lessons. But if you weren’t paying attention then, we’re here to teach you now! Water molecules tend to expand when converting into ice. When in fluid form, the water molecules are constantly moving with very little space between them. But as soon as the temperature drops below the melting point, the structure starts to change. The molecular motion decreases, taking up more space. This builds pressure on the already brittle pipes, causing them to explode.

Water Pressure

Now that we know the science, how does it impact water pressure? These expanding water molecules try to fit into every inch or millimeter of space available. This starts developing pressure on the pipe walls. After taking up all the space, water still wants more area to expand, causing the lines to burst.

What to Do?

an exposed pipeline

“Yeah, yeah, we get it. Science, molecule, expansion, fusion! What do I do with this information now?”

We know these are the thoughts crossing some of your minds. You want a solution to the problem. Here are a few!

1.   Prevention

Prevention is extremely important. Instead of calling your plumbing company rockwall tx after the deed is done, it’s better to try and prevent this from happening in the first place. Inspect your plumbing and sewer lines every six months, and get them repaired. This would ensure that your lines are strong enough to take any sort of pressure applied by the freezing water. Make sure to keep an eye especially on exposed lines that aren’t insulated.

2.   Solution

Even after taking all the preventative measures, your pipelines may still burst. It may seem like a huge mess but don’t worry! All you need to do is call a local and reliable plumbing company in Rockwall/Rowlett, Texas. And they would fix the pipes or replace them, based on the situation at hand.

Hire a Plumber in Texas

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