Water is undoubtedly the single most important resource we use every day. On average, an American uses about 82 gallons of water every day. Since water usage is so important to us, even minor issues can create a ton of hassle in our daily lives.

One such issue is that of low water pressure. Here are some possible reasons that your water pressure is so low.

1.    Faulty Fixtures

Plumbing fixtures have a lifespan of their own and once this lifespan runs out, they become faulty. One of the reasons your water pressure is low could be that your fixtures themselves are not functioning as they should. Showerheads, faucets, etc. can get rusty or clogged and allow less water to travel through the pipes than it normally would, thus causing lower pressure.

2.    Partially-Open Valves

Most American houses have two sources that can control the water supply around the house: the main shutoff valve and the water meter valve. If either of these valves is not fully open then that can affect the pressure of the water traveling through the house. Make sure both the valves are completely open for full pressure.

3.    Corroded Pipes

One of the biggest issues with water pipes is that they can get chemically corroded over a long period of time. If the pipes running along your home have not been repaired, cleaned, or replaced in more than ten years, then chances are they are severely corroded. Find out what material your pipes are made from and determine their lifespan accordingly.

4.    Clogged Pipes

Materials like mineral deposits, sediment, dust and mold can clog up your pipes and drains over time. These materials can build up and create large deposits that cause blockages in your pipes which is why your water comes out at low pressure.

A plumber fixing a leaky water faucet

Need Your Water Pressure Fixed?

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