New Year, new landscape! Now that we’re ending a rather rough year, it’s time to spruce up your space and be prepared with hopes of a joyous new year. Here are some tips to help you get your space ready for 2021:


  1. Pool

First things first, a landscape is incomplete without a pool. It doesn’t just add to the overall aesthetic appeal, but it’s a source of family fun and engagement. From doing your morning workouts to playing ball with your children, teaching your dog how to paddle, or even just floating under the infinite sky—the possibilities are endless. A pool is also great for those summer pool parties, so you and your loved ones can welcome summer 2021 in full swing. You can choose an in ground pool, an above ground pool, infinity pool, spa pool, and so on. Add a waterfall, a kids section, and it’ll be a complete family fiesta.


  1. Warm, Cozy Fire Pit

What better way to begin the New Year than gathering around a fire pit with your loved ones? This not only acts as a natural light source for your backyard but also is an excellent addition for barbecue parties and karaoke nights. The best part is that you don’t have to stick to the traditional circular bonfire; there are plenty of modern designs that will complement your contemporary styled architecture. A fireplace also helps in reducing the humidity during the hot summer seasons. It’s a perfect way to warm up after a night swim and admire the sparkling stars in the sky.

A landscape decorate with lights and furniture.

3. Outdoor Furniture

Now that we have a reason to be outdoors, it’s time to invest in some outdoor furniture. This will add some new life to the place and be perfect for the family bonding sessions. You can choose some comfy sofas, deck chairs for the pool, a small outdoor table, and colorful cushions. However, note that all these furniture items should be durable to withstand the changing weather. You’ll find a separate section of outdoor furniture in any home depot store or online.


4. Add Some Light

No matter what you add to your landscape, everything is incomplete without the addition of lights. Your fireplace won’t be lit 24/7; this is why you need to incorporate other lighting to enhance the place. You can begin by adding floodlights to your walkway, LED lights to your pool, some fairy lights above the seating area, and lanterns in your flowerbeds.

Expert Landscape Designer in Stone Ridge

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