The end of Halloween marks the beginning of Thanksgiving preparations. And if you like to impress your guests every year, you might be wondering how to celebrate it this time around.

Well, as it turns out, hosting an outdoor Thanksgiving feast with friends and family is an excellent way to express your gratefulness for their presence in your life.

Here are some tips for throwing the most memorable fall holiday party this year.

Create A Seasonal Tablescape

Your fall-themed centerpiece and tableware should give off the essence of Thanksgiving. Use color-coordinated tablecloths and tableware, and match the colors to your landscape. Seasonal themes seamlessly balance with the outdoor atmosphere and make the celebration so much more exciting.


Keep The Space Warm

The best way to ensure a successful party is by making your guests comfortable. The end of November marks the beginning of the cold weather. Keep your guests warm in your outdoor living space with portable patio heaters, a built-in fire pit, or a DIY outdoor fireplace.

You can also keep your friends and family particularly cozy by providing them with blankets, pillows, and comfy slippers.

people having food

Pre-Plan Your Menu

Thanksgiving is all about comfort food. You should have a plan for how, what, and when to cook before the day arrives. You could choose to go the traditional route by preparing the dishes indoors and serving them on the patio, or you could change things up a bit by cooking some meals outdoors.

Ensure you prep all traditional meals like the turkey, corn on the cob, sausages, sweet potato pies, and garlic bread prepared beforehand. The Thanksgiving feast will go a lot more smoothly if you cook before the day.


Decorate Your Outdoor Living Area

Thanksgiving is the best time to clean and decorate your outdoor living space for social gatherings. Consider performing landscaping tasks like cleaning your artificial grass, deadheading the flowerbeds, refreshing mulches, removing dead plants, and eliminating weeds.

You can add rugs, lighting, and outdoor furniture to spruce the place up. Reach out to your local landscape architect to renovate or customize the space according to the occasion.

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Setting up your backyard for the perfect Thanksgiving celebration will keep your guests engaged and entertained throughout the party. If you’re looking for some high-quality backyard makeovers, connect with the experts at Perfect Pools for an impeccable outdoor transformation. Book a free consultation here.