The effects of global warming are being felt around the world including the land down under. First, it was the bush wildfires and now recently super floods were witnessed in Sydney. Starting on 18th March 2021, rains of biblical proportions hit the east coast of Australia which created flooding in New South Wales that affected almost the entire Sydney metropolitan area. NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian described it as “one in 100-year” flooding. The onslaught from mother nature created duress for a lot of Aussies and damaged a lot of properties including prized possessions like carpets.

Health dangers of carpet flooding

Carpet flooding can lead to mold which if not treated properly can produce toxins that cause adverse health effects such as asthma, respiratory infections, and allergic reactions among others. Also, mold smells terrible and can create an unpleasant atmosphere in the house. This could damage the impression of your house in the neighborhood. If you are a victim of flood damage in Sydney, then reach out to Adams Carpet Cleaning as soon as possible. DIY is hard on normal days, in these tough times let the certified professionals help you restore your carpets. Don’t gamble on your family’s health.

Damage to the property

Due to floodwaters, wooden fixtures and furniture start to rot. This along with rusting of metals can bring down years from your property’s life and also sharply decrease the value of your real estate. This is because the moisture from the carpet can spread to the walls, curtains, and floor. 




Call the experts

Keeping the Aussie spirit alive, Volunteers reached the affected flooded areas in Sydney to help the affected as soon as possible.  The people and businesses of Sydney are truly not alone in their moments of distress and the Professionals at Adam Carpet Cleaning are also available 24 hours a day since flash flooding can happen at any time. The company is a 100% Australian owned and operated business and truly cares for our fellow Aussie’s. The company has high powered air movers to reduce the drying time so that you can get back to your normal lives as fast as possible. Adam’s Carpet Cleaning goes the extra mile and if a house has suffered a lot of damage then their experts also help with real estate/ Strata insurance paperwork. Adam’s Carpet Cleaning is IICRC certified and has licensed carpet cleaning experts who want to help the people of Sydney in these moments of anguish. If you are looking for carpet cleaning in Sydney and want to request a free quote, then please Call  at– 1300 309 276 or you can email them at