The table you choose for your space is only as good as its base. When you design a table, pay extra attention to its base. It ends up determining the whole look of not just the table but the entire space it’s placed in.

Here are the top table leg/base designs that you must consider when finding the perfect table for your home.

Pedestal Table Base

These elegant table bases are in one solid piece and go in the center of the table. Their designs vary from being minimalistic and modern to being intricate and classical. They can be used on all kinds of tables, including dining, coffee, and console tables. In each of these tables, the stylish base elevates their overall look.

Brass Table Legs in Gold

An evergreen trend in table legs is of a table base made of brass. They usually come in a dull and aesthetic gold color and follow elegant and chic designs. This makes these table legs perfect for spaces that exude grandeur and have a sophisticated feel. They also work well with antique design elements and home accessories made of brass.

Asymmetric Table Legs

Currently, asymmetric table legs are the trendiest and most stylish theme in town. There are two sets of legs in this design, with the same designed legs being diagonal from each other. Regardless of what your tabletop is like, the table will have a chic and modern look with asymmetric legs.

Curvy Table Legs Design

Curvy table legs are also very in these days. These bases are designed to have big and small curves in them. Usually made out of iron ore, the curvy legs give the table a sturdy and stylish look. They also work best if you use a lot of round design elements in your architecture and interior.

Angular Table Legs

Most contemporary interior themes call for neat, basic, and minimalistic designs. If your space is designed in a modern style, you should consider getting angular table legs. They’re perfect if you want to set up understated furniture and have an overall clean appearance.

Table and stool with angular legs.

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