Swimming is one of the top recreation activities in the United States, and most Americans regularly swim. Swimming is an excellent way for families to bond, for relaxation, and competition. However, swimming is also a healthy activity, which has several positive benefits on both the mind and the body. Let’s examine these:


Cardiovascular Health

Swimming is fantastic for a person’s cardiovascular health. According to a Harvard study, swimmers, compared to runners, walkers, and physically inactive, had significantly lower blood pressure and blood cholesterol. They also reported more positive results on other aspects of cardiovascular health.

Additionally, experts have found that swimming strengthens your heart by making it larger. This allows for better blood flow in the body and decreased chances of coronary heart disease.


Increased Life Expectancy

As swimming decreases chances of heart disease and other ailments, it’s unsurprising that swimming increases life expectancy. However, the extent of the gap between swimmers and non-swimmers is genuinely astonishing.

With all other factors held constant, swimmers are drastically less likely to die than non-swimmers. A survey that includes 40,000 men from ages 20-90 tried to determine how significant the disparity between swimmers and non-swimmers was. They found that only 2% of swimmers in that survey had died, compared to 11% of non-swimmers, highlighting the impact swimming has on life expectancy.


Mental Benefits Of Swimming

In addition to physical benefits, swimming also has a vast number of mental benefits. Firstly, swimming releases endorphins in your brain. This relieves anxiety and increases a sense of well-being in an individual. Regular swimming has also been associated with a considerable reduction in stress.   A home pool increases people's access to swimming and, ultimately, to better health. A swimming pool can also be a social hub where people develop friendships and communicate with each other, thereby increasing socialization.


Additionally, researchers have found that frequent swimming helps increase the brain’s health. A study found that the presence of water raises blood flows in the brain. Steady blood flow to the brain is necessary for the brain to receive oxygen, glucose, and essential nutrients.


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