Chances are you’ve seen black streaks, spots, or patches on your sidings or on the window edges of your home. This could either be algae or mold. This happens because your home is exposed to sunlight, wind, rain, pollution, temperature variation, and other such elements. There is an assumption that both algae and mold are the same. However, that’s not true even if both can be equally harmful to your property in different ways. 

And if left unchecked, they could cause severe harm to your home and to your health.

What is Algae?

Algae is a photosynthetic cyanobacteria that contains a small group of algae spores. This organism has been around for about 3 billion years and it’s the most typical reason roof granules stains

Algae can cause substantial shingle decay and the loss of ability to reflect UV light. Algae feeds off the limestone granules. Over time, it can also cause an increase in utility bills!

What is Mold?

Mold is a type of fungi. Mold needs moisture and warm, humid conditions to grow. Mold produces microscopic cells called spores that spread easily. Some molds can create toxic substances called mycotoxins that can cause chronic health conditions. Some reactions that can occur from mold are allergic reactions, asthma aggravation, irritation, flu-like symptoms, and skin rash. 

There is also a type called black mold that can cause more severe health concerns in people. People with allergies and people with immune suppression are more affected by molds. 

What are the Major Differences?

The most obvious differences between algae and mold are that algae need sunlight to bloom. Algae are plants and need sunlight to assure their growth. Mold, however, does not need the sun to grow, but instead, needs moisture to assure its development. Algae is also easier to remove but mold removal can be more difficult.

How to Remove Algae?

When it comes to algae removal, it’s better to hire a professional. Algae has a symbiotic relationship with certain fungi which can lead to the growth of lichens.

 a house with sidings and blue doors and windows.How to Remove Mold?

Mold is definitely more stubborn and difficult to remove. Never attempt to remove mold by yourself. Pressure washing is considered the most effective and fool proof method against mold. It’s better to contact your residential pressure washing services when dealing with mold.

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