The garage door circuit is what makes the garage door functional and working effectively. It is operated with a remote which relays signals between the door and the circuit, which initiates a “kick-start.”

However, faults in the circuit board interfere with the smooth functioning of your door. As a result, the door may either stop midway in motion or not open/close at all.

Here are some signs you need to look for when replacing your residential or commercial garage door circuit board.


You Feel Vibrations

When there’s a malfunction in the garage circuit board, you will notice the warning light constantly shining or flashing. A failed circuit damages the door’s motor. As a result, the motor armature wears away, and shafts begin to bend, causing vibrations in the housing.

Since a vibrating opener could break free from its mounting and fall, it’s time to replace your circuit board.

Opening and Reversing

Sudden opening and reversing of a garage door are common signs of a failed circuit board. When there’s faulty or burned wiring, it misinterprets the signals and interferes with the door’s motion.

Most often, there is no power supply to the photo eyes despite being plugged in. You can test the sensors by putting something in front of them to see whether they can detect it. If there’s a detection failure, the door will stop mid-way while opening or closing. The best way to deal with this is to replace the logic board.

You Hear Strange Noises

The electrical components of a garage door circuit are designed to run smoothly and quietly. However, faulty cables and outlets in a garage circuit board may damage the door opening and initiate strange sounds. If you hear sparks or a buzzing sound in your circuit board, there may be a small piece of burning material inside.

Moreover, if you’re noticing humming and clicking sounds, the circuit board likely has low voltage. For the safe functioning of your garage door, you need to replace the circuit board right away.

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