Tracking down a leaking roof is tricky, but repairing small issues isn’t so difficult. If you think you’ve got a leaky roof at hand, fix it as soon as you can. Small leaks can soon turn into bigger problems and end up causing damage to your insulation and ceiling in severe cases, with an expensive repair bill that comes along. Fix the issue when it’s small, so the damage is minimal, and repair instant.

How to Find a Leak

To start tracking the leak, look at the roof for anything that goes through it, for example, chimneys or vents. If you can, climb up the roof and look for water stains, mold, or black marks.

For difficult leaks, have a helper with you and go to the roof with a hose. Start soaking the lower areas, and ask the helper to tell you if a drip appears. Soak the chimney and vents and slowly run water throughout the roof. Though it’s a lengthy process, you’ll be led to the source of the leak.

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Why is Your Roof Leaking?

If you’re wondering why your roof is leaking, here are five common causes.

1.      Holes

The most obvious reason could be a hole; they happen over time if the roof hasn’t been maintained or if something hits the roof, causing a hole.

2.      Damaged Shingles

Shingles help the water on the roof to run off into the gutters; if they’re damaged, leaks happen. If the shingles aren’t properly installed, or if roofing materials are faulty, leaks occur.

Extreme weather conditions like storms or winds can also cause damaged shingles.

3.      Gutter Problems

Though used to transport water away from the roof, roof gutters can also gather leaves or other debris. This keeps the water from flowing smoothly, causing it to build up and lead to leaks.

4.      Old Roof

An old roof might be your problem; it can get brittle and damaged over time. No matter the material used, if your roof has passed its time, you should hire a roofing and flashing contractor and install a new roof.

5.      Damaged Flashing

Though flashing is supposed to protect your roof from leaks, if installed incorrectly, it can cause leaks. It can also take on damage over time, like corrosion, or cracking, making it inefficient.

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