How many times have you put vegetables in your garbage disposal, hit the switch after turning on the water supply, but to your luck nothing at all happens? If your garbage disposal has failed at its only job (i.e., clearing the waste in the drain) it’s highly likely there’s a clog in the garbage disposal itself or the draining pipe of the sink.

Failure of the Garbage Disposal to Drain

A quick tip is to hit the reset button located at the bottom. Put the power back on and pray to Mother Mary to get back in business. If your prayer returns unanswered, here’s a few more steps to unclog the garbage disposal:

Step 1: The Use of a Cup Plunger

Scoop out the waste from the sink and discard it in the trashcan. Next, fill about 2 inches of water, and using a cup plunger, plunge the sink drain with medium pressure. Ensure you maintain a strong seal over the opening until the clog is cleared.

Step 2: Removal of Obstructions Insight

If not, you’ll want to look down into the drain for any signs of obstruction that can be removed physically using tongs or pliers. After the removal, you’ll want to plug the disposal in to see if the drain can flow smoothly.

Step 3: Get Down and Dirty

If not, you want to go underneath the sink and place a bucket below the garbage disposal unit to empty the discharge pipes. This can be done by unscrewing the bolts fastened on the pipes. Next, disconnect the drain trap and pull it out with the discharge drain line for clearing out the obstruction within the line. It’s best to use a sink auger for this step. Consequently, if you are successful in removing the clog, you can reassemble the trap and tube in their original position, run the water and flip the power of the garbage disposal on to test the drain.

Drainage pipe

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