A pool can be an oasis away from the troubles and worries of everyday life. If you’re thinking of ditching the crowded public pools to design your at-home oasis (i.e., pool), you’ll benefit from planning ahead. That way, your pool can be ready for the summers, AKA the pool season!

This new home addition can be daunting at first, but if you work with a trusted pool builder and put some work into your design ideas, you’re good to go.

This article will discuss tips for planning and designing a dream pool at home.

1. Design a Pool That Works In Every Season

The ideal “dream pool” will be one that you can utilize whenever you want. With today’s advancements in pool heating technology, you can relax to your heart’s content in your pool, even during the winters!

You can make more additions to make your pool area suitable for year-round use, such as an outdoor fireplace. The best part about working with a landscape architect or pool contractor is that you can re-imagine your outdoor space entirely.

2. Think About Function First, Then Form

A pool built by a pool contractor in Lovettsville

While everyone wants an aesthetically pleasing pool, consider the purpose for which you need your pool. You need to communicate your needs to your pool builder.

For example, you may like how a plunge pool looks. However, if someone’s into competitive swimming, a plunge pool is ideal for them to practice because it’s not for swimming.

Therefore, knowing how you want your pool used in advance can help you effectively plan the dream pool with your pool contractor.

3. Focus on Form

Once you’re clear on your pool’s purpose and its overall structure should be, you get to focus on aesthetics!

Architecturally speaking, you might want to consider integrating your pool with the rest of your home’s architectural style. For example, the pool design for a family farmhouse will be drastically different from one in a stately home or mansion.

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