We all take our hot water for granted —until we run out! That’s why you must begin draining your water heater at regular intervals of 6 to 12 months. The drainage process helps remove sediment buildup that collects in the tank’s bottom causing the water heater to utilize more energy in attempts to function at a regular pace. Remember, the older the water heater gets, the more prepared you should be for leakages from the drain valve. Here are the steps for draining a water heater:

A Quick Flush

Connect a garden hose to your water heater’s drain valve prior to shutting off the water supply, this should enable you to flush the tank while the pressure is still on. The pressure causes the sediment in the tank to blow out faster.

Turn Off The Heater

Shut off the gas or power supply to the heater and then the water supply by using the cold water pipe valve or the main water line valve that supplies water to the house. Next, open the drain valve with the drain hose attached to allow air into the tank, and water to gush out of the drain. Once it’s drained entirely, flush with a few gallons of water and then reconnect the hot water pipe before refilling the tank.

Water tank heater

Refill the Heater

At this stage, you must shut off the drain valve and disconnect the drain hose. Subsequently, turn the water supply on into the heater and leave the fixture until the pair has pumped out of the lines. Lastly, relight the heater pilot or turn the power back on to test for hot water within an hour. If the heater fails to perform, it might indicate a leakage at the spout that must be protected with a cap to prevent leakage.

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