Classic interiors are timeless, they depict a sense of quiet elegance, confidence, sophistication, and yet feel inviting. They’re not too old, or too much — they’re just right. Combining a few approaches will lead you to get that timelessness in your home that you’re looking for.

Here are a few ways to achieve a classic look in your home:


Focal Point

To start the renovation, you’ll have to find a focal point in your house around which you’ll start working. Classical designs are symmetrical and have a sense of order, so furniture placement needs to follow that. See what focal point works for you: fireplace, doors, a large window, or perhaps the center of the room itself.



Dining table with a flower vase

Remember, classic décor is all about symmetry. You have to find a way to arrange your furniture symmetrically. Create mirror images like chairs or sofas facing each other with a coffee table with a metal table base in the middle. Start with the large pieces of furniture and then work toward accessories and artwork.

Don’t rush into purchasing big furniture, or to paint walls in bright hues. Invest in smaller things like bedding, lamps, coffee tables with designer table legs, that you can easily change later.


Neutral Color Palette

In timeless homes, neutral shades are everywhere. Stick to whites, grays, beiges, other soft neutral colors that accentuate your interior. Neutrals can feel inviting if used the right way, whites can give the area a more spacious feel and go great with minimalistic styled themes. Grays can add in glamor and feel relaxing. Use dark greens, blacks, and navy blues to add a pop of complementary color to the décor.


Decoration Pieces and Art

Give your classic home a modern space with decoration pieces and art. This will prevent your home from looking outdated and at the same time accentuate the classic you’re going for. Use complementary colored artworks, opt for landscapes paintings over traditional oils.

Add in some vintage decor pieces on your coffee table, or bigger pieces like table lamps beside your sofas.

Don’t overcrowd

All in all, classic houses are spacious, and less is more. Try to keep a room for movement and spaciousness, don’t clutter things, and find a balance between décor, furniture, and simplicity.


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