Although natural gas is relatively safe and has a narrow scope for flammability, leakages do happen — in fact, they’re a persistent challenge that pair with implications for the climate. Gas leaks are the result of badly maintained, faulty, or poorly fitted appliances that allow gas to escape. If left untreated, natural gas leakages tend to account for serious situations such as explosions, fires, or carbon monoxide poisonings.

Suspect A Gas Leakage If

If you’re smelling a funny, skunky, or rotten egg kind of smell alongside a hissing sound near the pipelines or appliances, chances are you may have a gas leak. In addition, dirt blowing near a gas line that is exposed or bubbling above a buried gas line is a symptom of leakage. Your vegetation may also be dead or be dying in an otherwise green area. To verify this, you should turn off all gas equipment and appliances to monitor if the gas meter dial continues to move as an indication for gas consumption.

Safety Tips for Natural Gas Usage

One of the most prominent usages of natural gas is in the stove and the heater, you’ll want to keep these (and any other gas appliances) properly maintained. A good indicator that the appliance is adequately adjusted and receiving sufficient oxygen is the flame’s color — ideally, it must be 90 percent blue. A yellow flame is an indicator of harmful fumes and an inadequately functioning appliance. The air vents that supply air to the gas appliances mustn’t be blocked at any time of the day. Lastly, avoid storing any flammable materials near or in natural gas appliances.

Equipment worn in case of a gas leakage

In Case of Gas Leakage

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