A garage is one of the most essential spaces in your home that serves as a multi-purpose facility to safeguard your vehicles, secure your power tools, and store your workshop and other seasonal items. Unfortunately, homeowners end up filling the garage space quickly.

So, if you’re in the same boat, this article is just for you! Here, we’ve compiled some ways to maximize storage in a crowded garage.

#1 Install Storage Cabinets

If your garage doesn’t have storage yet, it’s the right time to get started!

Since garages are compact spaces with hardly three walls and a floor left for your vehicle, all you can work is on the walls to maximize space. Installing cabinets or shelves on walls can help you store different items, like hand tools, equipment, or any other item that you can’t have in the main house.

Once your cabinets are installed, arrange items by labeling them properly as it saves time. Keep the rarely used items like power equipment on the top and frequently used items on the bottom most shelves.

#2 Pegboards and Hangers

Dedicate a side of your wall to pegboards and hangers as they’re extremely helpful in assembling hand tools. Garage items aren’t much visible when they’re kept in cabinets or shelves.

So, if you want to keep the commonly used tools like wrenches, hammers, or pliers near your sight and easy reach, choose pegboards and hangers.Items hanging on hooks and pegboards in a garage


#3 Add Overhead Shelves or Racks

If no space is left on the wall and you still have other items to store, utilize the ceiling space by adding overhead ceiling-mounted shelves or racks. This is the ideal storage space for seasonal items and maintaining an organized and clutter-free garage.
Make sure to install safety nets or solid racks to prevent serious earthquake damage.

#4 Compact or Foldable Work Benches

If you utilize your garage space as a workshop, the perfect way to save space is to get compact or foldable workbenches. Find wall-mounted compact tables or benches, so once you’ve completed your project, you can fold them back up and leave your garage in an organized way.

#5 Get Magnetic Boards for Smaller Items

Finally, magnetic boards are perfect for storing small items like nails, nuts, and bolts. Not only do they maximize space, but they also prevent these items from getting lost in the garage.

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