Executing a successful wall removal can be challenging and requires expertise that only structural engineers can provide.

Walls are essential to homes because they provide security, segregate space, and bear the structure. Walls that support the home’s weight are known as load-bearing walls.

Load-bearing walls contribute significantly to the home’s structural integrity, and improperly removing them can result in severe consequences.

Identifying Load-bearing Walls

Homeowners should consider contacting a wall removal expert to inspect and demolish their walls. Identifying load-bearing walls before removal is crucial because improper removal of a load-bearing wall can compromise the home’s structure and result in sagging ceilings and floors, which may even collapse.

There are numerous ways to identify a load-bearing wall. Checking the joists of the ceiling or floor above helps identify a load-bearing wall. These walls tend to run perpendicular to the joists above, whereas walls that are not load-bearing run parallel. However, in some instances, load-bearing walls supported by a beam may run parallel to the joists.

Load-bearing walls also require support. Inspecting the crawl space underneath the house can allow you to assess whether the walls have piers underneath for support. If they do, they’re likely load-bearing.

How Much of a Load-bearing Wall Can Be Removed?

Although you can remove all of a load-bearing wall, thoughtful consideration is necessary before removal. Numerous factors affect the removal of a load-bearing wall.

Wiring Inside the Wall

Plumbing pipes, electrical wiring, and HVAC connections run through walls. Assess the wiring within a load-bearing wall before removal, as you will have to relocate these connections elsewhere.

Wires inside a wall

Floor transitions

Accommodating floor transitions is necessary after removing a load-bearing wall.

The Wall and Structural Support

Replacing support structures is also essential once a wall is removed and impacts how much a load-bearing wall can be demolished. You will need to install beams and columns accordingly to support the weight that the wall was previously bearing.

Get a Professional Opinion

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