Interior shutters add the wow factor to your beautiful home. Along with that, they also help in better ventilation and sun protection of your house.


People have been installing shutters to their windows for a long time, but this window treatment hasn’t gone out of style. Let’s have a look at some of the trendiest shutter types in 2021.

Innovative Shutters

Everything today is motorized, so why should your windows stay behind! Innovative shutters make use of high-quality products and combine them with cutting-edge technology.

Some of these shutters are remote-controlled. These new shutter types also have a sleek design where you don’t see hinges and tilt bars.

These innovative shutters give your home a modern look while also ensuring the best functionality.

Colonial Shutters

Dating back to the early 1900s, colonial shutters are now back in style. These provide your home with a rustic look. Colonial shutters have gotten new fame ever since Cottagecore became a thing.

These shutters tend to have narrower and shorter louvers compared to their modern counterparts. Colonial shutters are difficult to source, and that’s what adds to their charm.

Colorful Shutters

It’s time to move on from the dull shades of brown and white. Today, people are expressing their bold aesthetics by going for colors that pop. You could make a statement with the color of your choice, or you could get a professional’s opinion about which color fits your room’s cosmetics.

Café Shutters

Café-style shutters are designed to provide privacy, optimum light, and a beautiful view through your windows. These shutters start from the bottom of the window and go halfway up. They look exquisite while also ensuring practicality. Café shutters can be made of pure wood or synthetic material, based on your preference.

Plantation Shutters

These were initially used in planting houses to trap the humidity and regulate the sunlight. That’s where the name comes from. Plantation shutters have wide louvers set at fixed intervals. Plantation shutters are the most commonly used shutters in the US due to their great functionality and sophisticated look.


It would be great if you always customize your shutters according to your taste and home needs. You can choose between different types of materials, colors, and styles. This helps you add an element of yourself to your windows.

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