Swimming pools in houses are considered a luxury. They serve multiple purposes, i.e., hosting parties, exercising, etc., but all of this depends on the design of your pool. It should be according to your needs and within your budget.

If you’re thinking to install swimming pools in your home, try to avoid these swimming pool design mistakes:

1. Container Material

The container determines the durability of the swimming pool. Most of the in-ground pools are made of concrete, but concrete can give way to algae growth. However, fiberglass is a low-cost, low-maintenance material that is simple to install and doesn’t require regular cleaning.

2. Not Considering Weather

Extreme weather can significantly damage the material of the pool. So, it’s important to consider the weather when choosing the material to build your pool.

3. Wrong Location

Location is often neglected when building a pool. The location may have underground cables, sewer pipes, etc. Hence, it’s important to know the architecture of the house before you start building your pool.

4. Not including auto-fills

The low water level is the most common problem in swimming pools. People often forget to install auto-fills in their pool, resulting in low water levels, which can damage pumps.

5. Not incorporating an entertaining space

You’re spending a significant amount of money on pool construction. It’s important to factor in the entertainment space. If you’ve got a small space for a pool, you can maximize the space by lifting the pool floor and adding some area for entertainment, like a small kitchen.

You can also add features for children’s safety if your budget permits.

6. Ignoring the humidity factor

It’s important to keep the humidity factor in mind when building a pool, as humidity levels help in selecting which equipment can withstand the temperature changes.

7. Not Hiring Experts

Every task is completed to the highest standard when you’ve got an expert involved. However, failure in consulting experts and hiring an amateur can bring all kinds of risks, for example, plumbing leaks.

Swimming pool construction is like creating art. You should hire experts who are well trained in their job. At Perfect Pools, you can find professionals who are well-versed in building pools and can help you in grooming the swimming pool, increasing your overall property value.

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