A surge protector is a device used to prevent damage to electrical appliances in the home caused by power surges or spikes. It includes protection against both voltage and current.

The surge protector is designed to absorb the extra voltage that could be potentially damaging without spreading it to your appliances and devices.

The use of surge protectors has grown in popularity as they can help reduce the risk of damage caused by spikes and surges in power; however, many people aren’t sure where they should install them.

surge protector installed by professional electricians

On Your TV Wall

You can place a surge protector behind your TV so it will guard all the other appliances plugged into it from power spikes or electricity surges coming through its cord from an outside source such as during storms or construction nearby, for example.

You should also install a surge protector on your main circuit breaker panel if you’re not using a whole-home or line power surge protector.

Surge Protector Outlet for Refrigerator

Your refrigerator needs to be plugged in the most secure spot possible, so why not go with the outlet near it? Most surge protectors can be plugged into this outlet. A refrigerator uses a lot of electricity, and a sudden increase in the voltage can result in permanent damage that could cost your refrigerator a lot.


home lighting on safe voltage

Under Your Desk

This is a great place to put your surge protector because many electronics can usually interfere with one another if they’re not adequately protected, like your computer and a dual display.

Your computer is a considerable investment, especially if you like to run heavy games on it. It’s better to invest a little more in surge protectors and be safe.


Underneath or Above Your Furniture

This is an excellent place to install your surge protector because it allows you to protect your whole home. You can also hide surge protectors behind lamps and other furniture that won’t get in the way.

This allows you to plug in your appliances in the living room or even in the kitchen without ever compromising on the aesthetics of your beautiful home.


Hire Certified Electricians for Further Protection

It’s vital to hire professional technicians for electrical services and repairs to minimize the chances of electrical damage.

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