From aesthetic appeal to functional benefits, pergolas are ideal features to add oomph, beauty, and definition to your garden. Your pergola may be embellished with accessories and decorative items, or it may be sleek and simple, but it remains incredibly functional in a cozy and private sitting space.

However, like your pool, plants, and every other feature in your landscape, the pergola also requires proper maintenance. Regular cleaning and upkeep will keep your pergola functional and awestriking for years.

Ahead, we have discussed in detail how to ensure proper cleanliness and maintenance of your pergola.

Washing a Pergola

Washing a Pergola

Pergolas are exposed to direct sunlight, rain, dust, and other debris every day.It’s important to wash them with a high-pressure water hose to clear away all the dirt and grime from every nook and cranny of the pergola. You can adjust the pressure of the hose according to the structure’s material.

Make sure you remove every furniture and accessory for, your pergola, before washing it down to avoid any water damage. Also, start hosing from the top and proceed in a downward direction, just like you would while washing your car.

Getting Rid of Tough Stains and Mold

No matter how clean your pergola is, it can look dirty, unsightly, and unkempt because of mold growth and some tough stains. Fasteners used to keep the pergola’s structure in place, can also damage the finish and color, and leave prominent stains on the surface. Metal fasteners can corrode quickly due to high humidity, especially if you have a pool in your backyard.The corrosion leads to black and rusty brown marks on the cedar that can grow tough and permanent if not cleaned on time.

If there are already mold or corrosion stainson your pergola, clean it using a mixture of vinegar (1 cup), oxygen bleach (1 cup), and water (1 gallon). Apply the mixture on the stains when you’re done hosing. Let it stay for around 15 minutes and then rub the affected spots with a soft bristle brush. When the stains start to come off, remove the solution from the area using water and soap.

Painting and Refinishing

After cleaning the pergola and removing any stains, apply paint of color that matches your pergola. Apply a layer of finish to protect the new paint.

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