The pandemic has brought terrible times for the economy with it—and even worse times for the real estate market. Buyers, sellers, and brokers are all asking themselves the same questions: will property value fall or will it rise? Will people be interested in buying homes after the pandemic?

Thanks to the virus, steady cash flow is no longer a given in real estate. Home prices are expected to take a hit by as much as 2 to 3%. All of this is notwithstanding the current protests that have rattled the country—and national unrest always shakes real estate value.

All hope is not lost, though. Even in these times, you can boost property value by:

Renovation and Remodeling

Home designs and trends are evolving with the times. People these days prefer adding ramps and even elevators inside a house, for example, to make them more inclusive.

Ideas of what makes a house a good house have changed. Simply adding an automatic garage door won’t do the trick anymore—you’ll need to be innovative and look ahead if you want to secure a better price for your property in the long term.

Adding a Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

Adding a swimming pool to your Virginia residence is more than just adding a feature to your property. It’s a lifestyle statement, and it can rope in more profits for you than you could imagine.

For the most part, the millennial population is keen on wellness and well-being—and owning a swimming pool in their backyard is a great way to ensure this. Since millennials are buying the most houses these days, it’s only natural that you should consider them the target audience, and try to cater to their needs.

Making it Sustainable

As we’ve already mentioned, the millennial population will be doing most of the house-shopping from now on. And millennials love the idea of sustainable living. After all, this is a generation that grew up with Emma Watson and Greta Thunberg: they’ll have their own ideas when it comes to the perfect living space.

In light of this, adding sustainable options to your residence, such as solar panels, ventilation facilitators, and a small in-house garden for organic farming, is a great bet.

Make Steady Investments

By investments, we mean slight home improvements over the years. Whether it’s the flooring or noise reduction, bathrooms or the basement, keep a good eye on your property. Make it look its best all the time, and get in touch with local contractors at the smallest sign of property damage.

Even something as slight as cracks in the swimming pool tiles should make you call a Virginia swimming pool contractor for more information.

And Where Can You Find a Local Swimming Pool Contractor?

Perfect Pools has helped many clients in Ashburn and Aldie boost their property value by improving their outdoor living space. You can get in touch with the contractors here to schedule a free consultation.