You don’t just need SPF for your skin; sun damage can also affect other parts of your environment such as your home. Direct sunlight on wood can have a bleaching effect, leaving the wooden furniture or floors dry, dull, and blanched. The heat that accompanies sunlight will also make any HVAC systems operate at peak especially during those HOT summer days, consuming more units per hour and increasing the energy bills significantly.

If you want to manage damage—to the furniture and your finances—opt for solar control window films. Engineered with multiple layers of polymers, they are applied on glass panes to filter the sunlight that permeates through them and restricts harmful Ultra Violet rays from entering the house. Here are some reasons you need solar window films.

Budgeted Retrofit for Windows

It’s not easy to overhaul the entire structure of the house and install new windows for energy efficiency. If exposure to ultraviolet rays harms your interiors, you can look into pocket-friendly window solutions such as solar window films. These are retrofit window upgrades that offer high returns on investment at a low cost. Perfect for warmer regions, solar window films are useful for homes that receive a lot of sun or apartments in tall buildings exposed to maximum sunlight. You don’t have to pay a chunk for dual-paned window installations to get the same results.

Energy-Efficient for Summers and Winters

Solar window films are not restricted to homes in hotter climates but are adaptable to cooler regions. The polymers used to make these films absorb infrared rays and reradiate them indoors when the sun is hidden behind a cloud cover on winter days. This improves heat retention during the day for the long cold nights, maximizing natural heat and minimizing the burden on heating appliances. They operate in the same way during summers to block about 99% of UV rays from entering the indoor space.

Aesthetic Variety

Solar films are now available in clear and tinted varieties that homeowners can choose according to their style preferences. Some people don’t want to dampen the brightness of their interiors by applying tinted UV protection on the windows- clear solar films work best for them. They’re fully transparent and allow complete visibility. Tinted films work best in vintage homes that can afford to give their windows a retro effect.

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