Bathroom remodels are no easy feat. They can be pretty stressful and relatively expensive. According to most estimates, an average remodel job would cost somewhere around $10,788. But for most of us, this cost goes further up, sometimes due to the must-have vanity and other times in our attempts to make the bathroom eco-friendlier.

Needless to say, when you’re spending that kind of money on something, there’s no room for making mistakes. You need to make sure everything is spot on—that’s the only way it can all feel worth it.

So, here are a few do’s and don’ts to keep in mind during the remodeling process.

DO: Budget Properly and Keep an Extra Amount

Budgeting is obviously essential when it comes to remodeling. But while you do need to stick to your budget, it’s important to start with a generous amount. This is because, in general, there are just too many elements that add up to quite a sum.

Moreover, you need some extra budget if you see something you absolutely need to have, such as some modern eco-friendly fixtures or a designer vanity. Also, it’s important to remember, new costs can pop up during the remodeling process that will need to be catered to —for instance, emergency plumbing issues.

DON’T: Try to Save By Investing in Low-Quality Material

Bathrooms are one of the most used spaces in a house. This means that every surface, tile, and fixture is going to come into regular use. Therefore, you need to use a material that is durable and of high quality.

While cheaper material will cut down the overall remodeling expanse, it’s going to be ruined in a couple of years, and you’ll have to remodel all over again.

DO: Make the Space Eco-Friendlier

In general, it’s just good to be co-friendlier and cut down on your carbon footprint, but in case that doesn’t convince you, here’s a fact: Eco-friendly bathrooms done right can help you save utility costs.

A bathroom sink with a faucet turned on

You can save water and water costs by installing fixtures like modern dual trigger toilets and low-flow showers! Also, consider recycled or re-purposed material for your bathroom surfaces.

DON’T: Try to Do It on Your Own

You probably think you can complete a bathroom remodel after watching a few YouTube tutorials but trust us when we say this—you’re in for a shock. A bathroom is layers and layers of various elements coming together to make it a functional space.

From plumbers to electricians and masons, there are quite a few professionals you need, and you can’t be all of them. Therefore, it’s a smarter move to hire a bathroom renovation contractor like the ones at Parker KBI in NYC.

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